About Magneticos

Magneticos Reading Glasses was established in September 2012, We are based in Bagenalstown Co. Carlow. We began selling Magneticos RigidBand which was the first type of Magnetic Readers developed under the Magneticos brand.

To this date, we now have 3 different ranges of Magneticos

  • FlexiBand (New Type of Magnetic Reading Glasses),
  • Magneticos RigidBand
  • Hawk Readers.

We are an Eyewear & Reading Glasses Wholesaler & Distributor. We supply Opticians & Pharmacies in Ireland, UK, Spain, USA & Abroad. We directly import our own range of reading glasses from factories in the Far East, so there is no middleman, our stock is warehoused in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland so we can arrange next day delivery if required.

Customer Service is one of our main priorities and if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return the glasses for a credit or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us via our Phone Number +353877724579 or +353599721297 or email us info@magneticos.net.


Magneticos is revolutionary magnetic Eyewear which allows you to never lose your glasses. They simply work by the bridge of the glasses opening and closing with a magnet, the design of the glasses when not using them allows you to leave the Magnetic Bridge open and your glasses hanging around your neck. This has many advantages as you don’t have to look for where your glasses are and you don’t have to worry about breaking them as they are simply around your neck.

We have developed 2 types of Magnetic Readers,

  1. RigidBands
  2. FlexiBand.

RigidBand: Magnetic Reader Headband is made of PC Material with a Fixed Band.

FlexiBand: Magnetic Reader Headband is made of Rubber Material with Flexible Band.


Rigid vs flexible magnetic reading glasses

We are often asked which are the best? This is of course a personal choice as we have customers that prefer RigidBand & other customers who would prefer FlexiBand. Advantages with FlexiBand over RigidBand would be that you can fold up glasses, Band is more durable, fit is generally more comfortable, however I have customers that prefer the RigidBand because the fit is tighter to your head so therefore I have people like electricians rather them because they want them very tight to their head if for instance there upside down working in an attic, but it really is a personal choice!!

Magnetic Readers features

  • Adjustable Headband (one size)
  • Magnetico’s Magnetic Reading Glasses
  • Powers (+1,+1.5, +2,+2.5, +3, +3.5, +4)
  • RigidBand Colours Brown, Black, Red, Blue, Brown, Purple, Pink/Blue, Blue/Green.
  • FlexiBand Colours Brown, Black, Red.


reading glasses

Hawks: Non Magnetic Reader, but there is a clever innovative catch design at the end of the temples that clings to your neck.

Hawks features:

Hawks Reading Glasses innovative catch design
Powers (+1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3, +3.5, +4)
Hawk Colours Brown/Red, Purple/Pink, Blue/Lime, Black/Aqua, Black, Brown, Leopard.


magnetic reading glasses

We are often asked which are the best? This is of course a personal choice as we have customers that prefer Hawks & other customers who would prefer Magnetic Readers. Generally, people with long hair find the Magnetic readers more difficult to use as they can mess the side of your hair when you open and close them, so it is recommended to wear your hair up if you are using the magnetic readers, you will find them easier to use. Hawk Readers would be easier to use as the work more like an ordinary pair of readers but because of the clever innovation catch design allows the glasses to cling to your neck so in a way it’s very similar functionality to the Magnetic Readers, however the Magnetic Readers would be more secure on your neck than Magnetic Readers but again it really is a personal choice!! I have customers that have bought both Hawks & Magnetic Readers and find both very useful as it could depend on the type of work or lifestyle you are using the reading glasses for.


We have attached a PDF File that you can print off an eyechart at the comfort of your home or office onto an A4 Page or alternatively just use the eyechart from the computer/tablet screen, Please follow the instructions on the attachment. This eyechart will indicate the most suitable Strength of reading glasses however because customer service is so important to us once you have received your order and you are not happy with the strength you have picked, you can post back the incorrect power and we will post you back the required strenght free of charge. We do this at Magneticos as we care about our customers.


All 3 ranges Magneticos FlexiBand, Magneticos RigidBand & Hawks can all be glazed for prescription by your optician. We stock over half the opticians in Ireland but some opticians will advise that if they don’t stock the product and you bring glasses into be glazed they will advise that they cannot stand over the frames if the snap during the glazing, however with Magneticos glasses we will cover the warranty whether it is one of our stockists or not we will replace the glasses and send them directly to the optician to glaze again, so you the customer does not have to worry about any problems as we will sort them and look after you.


We like to think that our 3 ranges in Magneticos are all stylish readers but our main priority with the eyewear that it is functional. With over 8 strengths covered in all our ranges with up to 6 colours in all our ranges we are constantly updating our colours and models with the 3 ranges to always give our customers great choice and to give our customers new fresh colours depending on the season, we like to think we have 3 stylish ranges,

Conservative Straight Talker: (Darker Colours or Mono tone Colours),

Inbetweener: They need to be Conservative but would also like to add a dash of colour for that Friday after work social (Duo Tone).

Social Butterfly: (Multicoloured or Bright Colours depending on the season)

So whatever category you fit into or you may fit on to all of the above depending on your lifestyle, we will have glasses to suit you no matter what the occasion or season.


Buying Magneticos on our website via laptop, PC, Tablet or Phone has never been simpler, We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay through Stripe or Paypal, or you can make payment via paypal directly, Cheque (Please make payable to Rea Wear Ltd) also please allow up to 5 working days for cheque to clear and your order will be processed and dispatched. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Bank Transfer or you can call directly to our store in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow (Please make pre-arranged appointment if calling especially). All our glasses come with 3 months warranty from date of purchase, if you have any problemes within first 3 months we will give you a full refund, Repair or Exchange.


By downloading our reading chart and following the instructions this will indicate and guide you what strength you are, if you can read +1 with the naked eye you do not need reading glasses, it is also advised that you wear the correct strength as by wearing a strength to high will will weaken and make your eyes more strained. So it is always advisable to wear lesser strength readers, also we would advise to call to an opticians at least every 2 years for a check up, they will advise you of the correct strenght you should be wearing and will also give you a full up to date eye health check as well in case there was hidden problems like Glaucoma.


Benefits of Magnetic Reading Glasses whether it’s the FlexiBand, RigidBand or non Magnetic readers the Hawks is that there really very fuctional and if you find you loose your glasses a lot or are constantly looking for them whether it is in work or around the house this is simply your answer to all these problemes, I have wrote above the advantages to all the reading glasses above and I have also compared the advantages and disadvantages of our ranges against one another as well, whichever range you pick I know you will be happy with our purchase. So come on what are you waiting for, purchase your new pair of reading glasses from us, you wont regret it.